Uberbyte – December show

Sheffield’s finest… and Newcastle’s favourite!

Yes folks, their self-imposed hiatus has expired and they’re ready to play live again and inflict their soundwaves onto Newcastle.  New album ’5 Year Plan’ will be out by then (we’ve heard, it’s brilliant – and different!).

There’s stuff in there for all sorts of fans, deep down it’s a traditional Uberbyte album and so if you’ve been a fan of them “since the early days” it’s still the same band – but there’s enough in there to appeal to new fans also.  Influences from dubstep, hardstyle, trance… it’s all in there.

Tickets for this shindig are only £8 in advance and available now.   We were about a dozen tickets away from being able to do the show in the main room last year, let’s see if we can sell enough to upgrade it this year….

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